About Uniquos

Uniquos Pte Ltd was set up in September 2014 in Singapore, followed by a Shanghai subsidiary office in October 2014.

Besides distribution of water filtration products, the company also undertakes designing of water filtration products for international brands. Uniquos’ designs are contemporary, ergonomic and enable a healthier lifestyle not only for Singapore but also for other regional countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, India and China.

In Singapore, Uniquos’ products are available at retail stores such as Home-Fix stores and Mustafa Centre.

On 2 November 2017, Uniquos Pte Ltd is appointed as the authorised Methven distributor in Singapore for AIO Aurajet and KIRI Satinjet Shower Heads.

Methven is a New Zealand’s award-winning and market-leading premium shower and tapware brand since 1886. Headquartered in Auckland, Methven has designed, developed and manufactured many award-winning products and technologies, including Red Dot award-winning AIO Aurajet shower head. Methven's products are currently distributed Australia, China, USA, UK, Middle East and Europe in addition to its home market of New Zealand.


Company registration no.: 201426902E